We are concious we live in a beautiful and unspoilt area and we’d like it to stay that way.

We always use recycled packaging and bubble wrap wherever possible and encourage you to do the same.

We recycle every scrap of clay and glaze and nothing goes to waste.

We shop as locally as possible for our materials and supplies.

We do our utmost to avoid mass produced items from China and elsewhere and buy from UK companies wherever possible.

We do not travel to work because we live here! We use public transport as much as possible and encourage our visitors to do so too.

We support Plastic Free St Just but because we reuse all our plastic and that of others we do not call ourselves plastic free.

We use all natural ingredients in our well being products and NONE of the nasties whatsoever. The soap is tested on ourselves.

We have chosen an energy supplier with excellent green credentials.

Because of the amount of tea we drink we haven even changed to leaves to avoid teabags.