teatowels bulk wholesale trade order
We are happy to offer our teatowels to bona fide verified trade buyers at a wholesale bulk price - and are happy to give exclusivity to your area if requested. This will be for a period of 6 months after each order placed. I'm afraid we cannot offer credit terms at present and all orders have to be prepaid. The minimum order is 25 teatowels. However, the designs you choose can be one off each of 25 designs if you like - or any combination of quantities to make up the 25 pieces - meaning you can build a product range that suits you and your customers. The wholesale price for each teatowel is £5.80 - allowing for an excellent return. This is a min order quantity - most customers go for more with more choice of designs. All teatowels are printed onto top quality cotton and measure 72 cms x 44 cms and are fully washable. The designs can be chosen across our whole range of designs - not just in one group or category. YOU WILL NEED TO SPECIFY WHICH DESIGNS YOU WOULD LIKE AND HOW MANY OF EACH DESIGN IN THE COMMENTS BOX OR BY EMAIL PLEASE, USING THE EXACT PRODUCT NAME AS STATED!
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